A realistic and holistic approach to health and nutrition

Georgia is a qualified holistic Nutritionist, passionate about health, wellbeing and treating the problem not the symptom. She believes that nutrition is the key to health and specializes in gut health and all the implications that go with it.

I have an immense passion for cooking and using therapeutic nutrition to help heal and improve my client’s health.

Do you have chronic digestive symptoms ruling your life? Feeling fatigued even though you are getting plenty of sleep, have unexplained nutrient deficiencies, foggy in the head, anxious even depressed? These are all symptoms of an imbalance and potential issues within the gut. Through consultations, analysis of current diet and possible functional testing I can get a clear picture of your overall health and set the wheels in motion to address the cause of the symptoms you are experiencing.

With guidance, we will correct any issue within your diet and add any additional food/vitamins and minerals you are missing and improve your health from the inside out. I don’t believe in a one size fits all approach, fads that wont last, counting calories or restrictive diets. I specialise in helping you finding tasty alternative options even when on a specific dietary treatment. I hope to meet you soon!

Food is joy. Its for living, loving and sharing with friends and family.

Initial Consult

Full nutritional consultation covering all aspects of health and lifestyle. Getting to the bottom of health/digestive issues for good with thorough treatment protocols including optional functional testing if required.
  • 90 minute initial consult
  • Total cost: $120

Nutrition Counselling

Ongoing counselling and food education, understand how to fuel your body and heal you gut. In depth dietary and recipe planning.
  • 30 minute subsequent consult
  • Total cost: $70

Pantry and Cooking Make Over

Welcome me into your home and kitchen to organize, shop and learn new skills in the kitchen. The perfect way to kick start either a healthy eating guideline or a specific protocol to treat digestive concerns.
  • 2.5 hour home visit
  • Total cost: $275