Reformer Flow
Reformer Flow classes are designed to offer you a versatile and athletic workout. Each session is engaging and fun. We incorporate traditional and contemporary Pilates reformer and mat exercises, props and progressions to give you a challenging, full-body workout.
Our group reformer classes are best suited to those without injuries who want to work at a faster level and be challenge
*We recommend booking a Private session prior to joining these classes.

Mat Flow
Mat Flow classes are Pilates-based, low-impact and feature controlled exercises to improve muscular strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination, balance, and posture. With emphasis on the body’s core, these classes introduce beginners to the principles of Pilates and challenge experienced clients by incorporating props, with a variety of modifications and progressions.

Cardio Flow
Cardio Flow classes are fun, high intensity workouts using the Pilates reformer and jump board. These classes are designed to elevate your heart rate through bursts on the jump board, followed by sequences to strengthen your core. You will leave feeling physically energised, uplifted, and empowered.
Perfect for anyone who would like to increase cardiovascular fitness and strength.
*We recommend taking at least three beginner classes or a private session prior to joining these classes. This class is not suitable for those with injuries, heart conditions or during pregnancy.

Stretch Flow
This relaxing class is focused on releasing muscle tension, and increasing flexibility.
This is a great restorative class to add into your weekly training schedule.
Open to all levels

Vinyasa Flow
Enjoy this light-hearted, fun and upbeat yoga class.
This is a dynamic class that synchronises movement and breath in a continuous flow of poses.
Vinyasa Flow is suitable for all levels, with variations and modifications offered throughout the class to support beginner students.

Yin Flow
Yin flow is a slow-paced and calming class. Poses are held for longer periods of time with a focus on floor-based postures. Yin Yoga targets the connective tissues (fascia ligaments and tendons) to help improve flexibility and create the feeling of space and freedom in your body.

Pre-natal Flow
This class will help prepare for pregnancy and birth by strengthening and mobilising your body in a safe and supported environment. We will focus on breath work, stretching and relaxation techniques empowering your mind and body.
All prenatal clients must start with a private session for their first studio class. Please note that a certificate from your treating doctor may be required before you start classes.

Mums and Bubs Flow
Specifically designed for new mums, these classes are designed to help strengthen your pelvic floor and abdominals, tone your entire body, stretch those achy tight spots from carrying, lifting and feeding your baby and give you a sense of well-being and confidence.
During your one hour class, your baby will be in arms’ reach either beside you in  capsule, bouncer or on a rug. You can attend to your baby for any feeding, nappy changing or settling needs at any time during the session.