Divine Energetics is a modality which uses kinesiology muscle testing to access as a direct link to what is going in on the body on a subconscious level. The subconscious mind holds every piece of information that is relevant to our body, mind and spirit.
The body is able to reveal the underlying problems that are wanting to be healed, to be corrected and resolve the stress or blockages. It draws from a number of modalities which includes: reiki, EFT, intuitive healing, crystal healing, affirmations, sacred geometry, sound healing, colour therapy, essential oils and much more.
Initial Appointment
 75 minutes, $179 includes (pre-client form check), consultation, card reading, intuitive guidance, energy work and tasking.
Follow Up appointment 
60 minutes $149
Past Life Regression by Hypnosis

$69 – 30 minutes. Can only be booked with Initial or follow up appointments

About Nicole

Nicole left the corporate world to pursue a career related to her passions of health and healing after losing her health to chronic fatigue and leaky gut which led her to share her knowledge of healing stress and trauma – related illness through mindset, movement and energy healing.
Nicole is a certified Divine Energetics practitioner, Life Coach, Neuro Linguistics Programming and Timeline Therapy practitioner, Hypnotherapist, and Yoga Teacher. Nicole understands the pressures of work/life balance and guides her clients to practice more self-care, self-love and to how to attract better relationships by healing from past traumas.
Nicole is most passionate about her clients working through present and past emotional trauma, guiding them through stuck mental patterns, habits, and energetic blockages to deepen their self-awareness and healing journey.