Ballard Wellbeing brings a unique and highly individualised approach to physiotherapy at Noosa Flow.

Eliza places a heartfelt emphasis on the body and mind as a whole, and her skilled application of a variety of targeted hands-on techniques blends the best of the East with the best of the West.

Her approach to physiotherapy can transform both old and new injury states to optimal mobility and strength and recognises the importance of emotional wellbeing in lasting physical change.

Modalities are selectively chosen to suit the individual and may include; dry needling, joint mobilisation, soft tissue massage, fascia release, muscle energy technique, neurodynamics, meditation, aromatherapy, exercise and mobility rehabilitation and more.

These skills, combined with extended consultation times and professional, highly experienced health care in a tranquil, private space where the only physio ‘homework’ you’ll be prescribed will be the kind you’ll actually want to do provide both lasting results and an experience you look forward to having.

Eliza will work in with any existing practitioners to support you in a manner that complements your current approach, whether that be physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy or beyond.

All conditions are welcome and areas of special interest include;

  • Pre and post natal including musculoskeletal, DRAM, and pelvic floor concerns and assessment for proactive prevention.
  • Headaches, neck and TMJ dysfunction
  • Back and pelvis including SIJ dysfunction
  • Arthritis
  • Overuse and overtraining injuries or ‘niggles’
  • Stress-related issues and chronic pain
  • Surfer’s shoulders, skiers knees, golfers and tennis elbows.


Initial consultation 

90mins $195

Includes detailed history, assessment, diagnosis, extended hands-on treatment, and rehabilitation. Multiple focus areas welcome.

Follow up consultations (if required)

60mins $155

90mins $195

Physiotherapy Private Health rebates apply.  DVA and EPC patients welcome. Chat to Eliza or your GP about your EPC eligibility.

Please contact Eliza directly to make a booking or for more information about possible rebates.

Phone: 0450 352 593