A realistic and holistic approach to health and nutrition

At Noosa flow we view your health as a priority and know that a key way to improve your wellbeing is not only through movement but with proper nutrition. Laura, your holistic nutritionist at Noosa Flow, is here to guide you with your nutrition queries and health related questions in the hope to improve your eating habits and overall wellbeing.

A private consultation with Laura will include a detailed assessment of your current diet and lifestyle where she will develop a personalised nutrition plan to help you achieve your health goals in accordance with your needs. Laura approaches nutrition realistically and looks at health from a holistic perspective, knowing that nutrition needs are to be met at an individual level and that what works for one person won’t work for the next.

Laura is passionate about lifestyle change and does not believe in fad diets or restriction and will work with you to find sustainable ways to incorporate healthy eating into your life. She believes in eating a variety of fresh wholesome foods that make you feel great and that living a balanced life and enjoying your food is the key to good health!

Initial Consult

Full nutritional consultation covering all aspects of health and lifestyle. In depth discussion of your eating and lifestyle habits and health goals you would like to achieve.
  • 90 minute initial consult
  • Total cost: $120

Nutrition Counselling

Ongoing counselling and nutritional advice incorporating specific dietary guidance with tailored meal and recipe planning.
  • 30 minute subsequent consult
  • Total cost: $70
  • Can only be booked after Initial Consult